How to Make Money by Writing Homemade Recipes

For a very long time I have been working online by writing articles about things which interest me the most. I like blogging, technology, cooking and making money online. In this blog I will try to combine all these topics and to share my outlook on my favorite topic.

To start off I would like to show one website, where you can make money online for free by writing and sharing your recipes. is a free website, where you can create free webpages and share your favorite topics.

Apart from offering you an ability to create these free web pages, Squidoo allows you to make money from your writing. Every page of yours will have several types of ads (Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Ebay publisher Network and Amazon) and you will receive a revenue cut from all these types of ads.

By sharing articles at you have to make sure that you share quality information, try to add all types of ads (in this niche Amazon and Ebay ads are capable of generating top revenue). is a big community of people, who are sharing their articles and try to make money online for free by writing content, so try to make friends with them and make Squidoo a part of your daily life.

The key to earning money with is generating traffic, use social networks, forums and your personal blog for getting people to visit your Squidoo pages. But Squidoo is not the only way to make money online for free, I have found a nice Squidoo lens, where you can find the best ways to earn cash from home.

I do hope that this website will be useful to you and you will be able to make easy money online by writing articles and reviews.

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